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The Snapchat mobile application is one of the most used social media platforms all over the world. The number of users on this application is going to increase day by day in no time. If you do not know about this application then you don’t need to be worried. Because here we are going to discuss this application in detail. Keep reading this blog till the end to get more about the Snapchat mobile application. There is a number of amazing features in this application. Users are getting addicted to it because of the two main features named streaks count and Snapchat filter. Here we will discuss both of these features in detail.

Filters On Snapchat Mobile Application:

The filters on this Snapchat application are just amazing. You can imagine the importance of Snapchat filters by knowing that almost every person using a mobile phone has a Snapchat application. They use it for making snaps and pictures because filters on these applications are just amazing. There is a number of applications that are providing this facility of filters. But Snapchat is just amazing. Other applications are not able to provide each and everything to users. They got failed in providing security and privacy with the number of filters at the same time. That’s why users state moving to this application. Now users are enjoying the privacy and security on a single platform where their data is encrypted end to end. Besides this, there is a number of automated filters that adjusts according to your choice. This application adds a number of filters on daily basis. That was all about the filters on Snapchat. This feature is the main reason why people love this Snapchat application. If you love this feature then you can go and get the application from the play store as well. Let’s discuss its other features of it.

Streaks On Snapchat App:

Let me tell you the most interesting thing about this application. in fact, you can say this feature is the most unique feature in all social media applications. A number of users get confused about what is this Snapchat streak count?. Here we will explain you in detail. Snapchat streak is nothing but a count of days in which both of the friends have to send pictures or snaps of anything on daily basis. It will increase by 1 every passing day. If one of you forgot to send the snap-in 24 hours then the streak count will drop to zero. This feature is being used by 60 percent of mobile users. Hope you got about this feature as well. If you love this feature then you can also install this application to avail the services of Snapchat. To use this application you just have to make an account on the Snapchat application. When you have done everything with the account then go and add friends to it. Start sending streaks to your friends. You can edit your snaps by using the number of filters here as well.
That was all about the Snapchat mobile application.
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